Music Education doesn’t have to be complicated or require multiple trips to multiple classes! Instead, from the comfort of home, you and your children can experience and enjoy music education together, while building strong bodies and strong brains. Give your children the joy of learning together and the benefits of early music education, without running all over town.

This class series is designed for children ages one to five and their parents. We've also found that six and seven year olds love participating with younger siblings as well! You may participate with one child or multiple children at a time. Enjoy!

94 musical activities in six repeatable classes give you easy access to the benefits of early music education for all of your young children. By way of repetition, language learning, movement exploration and simple instrument playing your children’s development will soar. Discover your favorite nursery rhymes set to tunes your family will love as you twist, turn, jump, bounce, sing, and move with your budding musicians. 

Musik at Home Classes are the perfect choice for homeschooling families. You can sing, dance, and have fun together in the comfort of your own home!

You are free to determine the best learning context for your child, including the time of day, the space you use, and how long you engage in musical activities. Your child doesn't even have to see the screen - they are free to be busy, wiggly kids and they'll still get the benefits of early music education. 

And there's no schedule to keep - start and stop any time of the day!

Find out how to successfully take your child through this class series. Learn about the materials you'll need and also gain wonderful insight into how you can make music a part of your every day life with your children! You'll find the progress tracker worksheets for this class series above the intro video. Print out six copies per child to track the progress your child can make by engaging in each class again and again. Enjoy!!!

Climb inside a clock and jump over a candle stick all while listening for your favorite rhymes! Add your voice to join in the fun! Grab a scarf to wriggle up a clock tower. Tap your sticks to the steady flow of beloved nursery rhymes to discover them anew! Spin, dip, shake and twirl as you enjoy a variety of new melodies for playful exploration and whole mind-body development.

What comes after an energy packed, bouncy, joyful day? A splashy bath and cuddles on the way to your cozy bed. Role play your own evening routine with these delightfully engaging songs and rhymes. Bounce into the bath tub, hug your teddy bear, and enjoy a sweet lullaby together. These melodies are sure to enliven your actual night time routine as you learn to sing them together! Happy splashing & sweet dreams!

Hop in a buggy, soar in an airplane, and coast down the river in a steam boat! Look up to the sky! Do you see the smoke floating up from a factory chimney? Can you see the birds twittering about? Join the birds in their song! Take a tour of the factory and see if the workers are going about their work quickly or slowly. Listen to a concert by the sparrows and play your instruments with delight! The whole family is sure to love the high flying and gentle floating songs!

 Bouncy Rhythms and story rhymes are sure to captivate young minds and bodies in this twisty, turny class for mixed ages. Grab your grooved rhythm sticks, kick up those dancing feet and put on your listening ears! Can you add your voice to the songs you know? Can you chant and echo the fun patterns you hear? Can you identify the animal voices? Whether you're in a quiet or energetic mood, this class has it all! 

Enjoy this smooth class flow with high-fives, joyful marching, silly bouncing, rhythm sticks cascading, bells jingling, and instruments showing off their voices. :-) Take a trip to the farm. Ride a horse. Take a trip to the market! Twist, turn, jump, bounce, sing, and move with your budding musician! Echo the patterns you hear to develop musicianship from the inside out.

Do you love splashing in puddles? Grab your imaginary umbrella to join us for a rainy day adventure! Let your voice ring out as you echo some silly song lyrics! Can you feel the wind blowing? Did you get soaked through from the rain? Go back inside to dry off, pour a cup of tea, and play some singing games together. Enjoy this giggly class for dancing, movement and playing instruments. 

This Class series contains:  

  • Six 18-22 minute classes designed to be repeated 4-8 times or more.
  • 94 activities for musical play including songs, poetry, movement and rhythm activities
  • Songs in major and minor tonalities
  • Songs in duple and triple meter (just a fancy way musicians talk about counting rhythm in sets of two and three)
  • Tonal and rhythm pattern echoes
  • Simple instrument playing - Rhythm sticks, shakers, scarves, jingles, bean bags and grooved rhythm sticks.
  • Imaginative movement exploration  

With a class membership you’ll receive:  

  • Unlimited access to one class level with six 18-22 minute Family Music for Mixed Ages sessions (monthly value over $132/child) 
  • Unlimited access to six 5 minute classes and six 10 minute classes of Family Music for Mixed Ages (special offer)
  • Progress Tracker to track your child's musical progress  

Hi! I'm Kathryn Brunner! I'm an early childhood music educator. I am passionate about child development and music literacy. Since earning my license and certification as a Musikgarten instructor in 2005, I have had the privilege of leading over a thousand young children in joyful musical play in my own piano and Musikgarten studio, church and community. 

I'm on a mission to help parents and children enjoy making music together! Here at Musik at Home I come alongside parents like you to help you incorporate music into every day life with your little one. I offer Musikgarten's developmentally sequenced classes by way of video to help you savor precious musical moments and give your child a solid foundation on the path to music literacy!

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