Join the Musik at Home movement! Connect with your little one as you model the movements and hum or sing along with this class for early childhood music education. Ready? Let's make some musical memories! This free class is available for only 24 hours!

Recommended materials to have on hand: A pair of wooden Rhythm Sticks for each participant such as a pair of wooden spoons from your kitchen, a shaker, and a scarf for dancing.

Inside this class: Climb inside a clock and jump over a candle stick all while listening for your favorite rhymes! Add your voice to join in the fun! Grab a scarf to wriggle up a clock tower. Tap your sticks to the steady flow of beloved nursery rhymes to discover them anew! Spin, dip, shake and twirl as you enjoy a variety of new melodies for playful exploration and whole mind-body development.

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