Watch this Introduction to learn how to take your little one successfully through the free ten minute class. You'll discover the simple materials you'll need to maximize your class experience at home. 

Musik at Home classes are designed for you and your child to do together! No matter if your child is fully engaged in the class or scaling the walls of the room, your child will to reap the benefits of this program. The time spent hearing the music, seeing your engagement with it, and being exposed to all the repertoire will, overtime, produce lasting changes in your child's neurological networking, auditory processing and visual understanding of musicianship! Don't be surprised if three or four days after doing this class you hear your little one repeat something heard in class. :-) 

Scroll down to find your free class. This class is designed to be repeated as many times as you'd like with your child. 

I am thrilled you are joining me for a musical adventure with your little one! 

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Bounce, smile, laugh and play as we sing interactive songs for your child's musical development. Enjoy connecting with your little one as you model the movements and hum or sing along. Ready? Let's make some musical memories! 

Recommended materials to have on hand: A pair of wooden Rhythm Sticks for each participant such as a pair of wooden spoons from your kitchen. Alternatively, you could use two spoons from your silverware drawer. 

Optional materials: One rattle or shaker for each participant. You can make your own rattle by putting rice into a tightly sealed container. If you don't have a rattle, simply tap your sticks during the song activity with the shakers. 

(This is a free class! With a Musik at Home Membership, you will have access all of our class levels including many more classes with countless additional songs, delightfully orchestrated recordings, and more sequential musical development activities in our imaginative classes for musical play! For less than the cost of a few Starbucks drinks per month, you can give your child a holistic music education from home. Click <a href="" target="_top" data-entity-id="" data-link-type="external">Here</a> to learn more!).  

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