Your 10 Minute Break

Unplug & Enjoy downtime with your kids June 22-26. Brought to you by Musik at Home.

Count Me in! 

Take a deep breath.

You're about to get a week of unwinding moments and fun, musical downtime with your kids! Starting June 22, you'll get a 10 minute Musik at Home class sent to your inbox every day for 5 days. The classes are designed for ages 1-5, and I'm sure older siblings will enjoy joining in the fun. 

I'm Kathryn Brunner. I'll be leading the Musik at Home classes you'll be getting in your inbox. I've been teaching music for almost 20 years. It's my goal to provide your family with a high quality, no-pressure approach to learning music.

Today I'll send you ideas for prepping a grab-bag of simple instruments for your child. When June 22 arrives, all you have to do is start the class and you'll be able to unplug and leave stress behind.

It's made me a better parent, and I know it will do the same for you.

Musik at Home is an online music studio created by a super busy Mom for super busy Moms. No more worrying about time, cost, or travel to get your child the music education you know does so much for them. You can brighten your child's future today with affordable developmental classes in the comfort of your own home on your own schedule. 

No musical background required. Just follow an expert music instructor on the screen. Your child, infant to age seven, will naturally develop musical skills while the two of you bond through interactive, sequential video classes. A Musik at Home membership offers unlimited access to over 400 musical activities in 4 class series and a simple quick-start guide for parents.

Because a child's potential for learning music is at its height from birth to age seven, there's no better time to invest in music education than in the early years.  

What Moms are saying!

Because of Musik at Home classes, my Little has started to love making up his own songs. He has fallen in love with music and is learning songs that teach him something. He loves the program. I love what it teaches, and it's a great way for us to have meaningful connection without me having to put a whole lot of thought into it. I already put so much thought into the rest of our lives, it's nice to not have to wonder if another thing I'm doing has quality and value. I know it just is. -Natalie R.

I'm so excited to be able to give this opportunity to my kids! They enjoy it together across their varied age groups (2-9). We live in a rural area and my children wouldn't have access to developmental music like this without Musik at Home! — Jennifer W.